Ladywell's therapy room

Our Therapists & Psychics

Ladywell's therapists offer you a range of holistic therapies in our beautiful therapy rooms to help you de-stress and heal your mind, body and spirit.

Information leaflets detailing the holistic therapies Ladywell therapists offer are available instore.

View each therapist's personal page to see the therapies on offer and the wonderful feedback they receive from their clients.You can book your therapy in person or by calling Ladywell on 0141 5527810.

Walk-in appointments are always welcome, especially if you can't resist the offer of a 20 minute healing taster session for only £10 from our therapists.

I would like to personally add from experience that healing is not only a physical experience. Ladywell's therapists are all spiritual healers and a healing therapy session can give you a life-changing experience of spirit working through the conduit of our chosen therapists.


Psychic Medium Tarot Readers

Tuesday, Friday & Saturday at 23 Enigma, 258 High Street