Crystal Skulls & Singing Bowls

The Crystal Skull Experience at Ladywell Crystals and Healing

Would you like to spend some time meditating with one of our unique crystal skulls?

Ancient civilisations like the Maya revered these crystal skulls for their potential to expand the consciousness of those in close proximity to their energy fields.

Ladywell has a wonderful collection of crystal skulls including our life-size quartz rainbow-filled masterpiece pictured. We'd like to invite you to spend time meditating with one of our crystal skulls in our beautiful meditation room.

Our meditation room is available in blocks of one hour at £8 per hour and you may choose a crystal skull from our collection to meditate with. If you'd prefer to choose a different item, we can arrange that for you. Select a crystal ball, wand or a special piece from our unique selection of crystals. We'll take a photo of you and your chosen special piece for you to keep.

If you'd like to hire the meditation room only, you can hire our room in blocks of one hour at £5 per hour.

Call Ladywell on 0141 5527810 to book your Crystal Skull Experience.

The Ladywell Singing Bowl Experience

Would you like to meditate with our collection of Tibetan singing bowls? Details tbc...