Photo of the Lady Well


Ladywell Crystals & Healing closed on 29th March 2017

After our 7 year fight to save Ladywell Crystals & Healing, we were evicted by Glasgow City Council landlord, City Property LLP. We weren't offered suitable premises to move to as ours were destroyed by historic rot & we're saddened that City Property couldn't save our successful 7 year business which was an asset to Glasgow with friends all over the world.

Ladywell was our sacred ritual space and sanctuary of well-being for many of you and we wish you all blessings on your journey through life. Our deep thanks to our wonderful supportive community who raised our 5000 signature petition. 23 Enigma will remain open for tarot readings etc.

Ladywell Crystals & Healing was our holistic shop of 7 years in the ancient Heart of Glasgow; Temple of the Moon.

Ladywell was named after the ancient Lady Well in the Necropolis next to Glasgow Cathedral, nearby. Our ancestors venerated wells as portals to the Celtic Otherworld, cult-centres of Goddess worship and healing. Here in the ancient druidic centre of Glaschu, you can visit the 14th century well behind the medieval vennel nearby or visit the Lady well.

23Enigma, our magick shop, next to Ladywell is 22 years old and offers angel and tarot card readings with our genuine psychic mediums, Kara and Thomas. (See here for details)

Please sign our online petitions to SAVE LADYWELL at & 38Degrees.

23Enigma is open Mon -Sat 10am - 6pm. Psychic Tarot readings are available Tuesday, Fridays & Saturdays. Call 23 Enigma on 0141 5531990 to book your reading with our psychics. Readings for 3 or more people can be arranged anytime. See Psychics section on the left side of menu ffi.

Blessings o' the season from our 23 Enigma and Ladywell community