Story of Ladywell

At Imbolc 1995, we opened 23 Enigma, Scotland's oldest occult shop. Our customers and the practitioners we've met over the years through 23 Enigma inspired us to fulfil an enduring dream of ours.

On the winter Solstice 2009, we opened Ladywell Crystals and Healing, Scotland's largest city centre space for holistic therapies and a sacred space for us to hold talks and workshops covering spiritual themes; giving a voice to the ancient spirit of Glasgow through the remembering of the name of Ladywell as a place of sacred, divine contact and healing from ancient times.

We used the Solstice as the time of the rebirth of the Sun as the pivotal time of the return of the light; this reflects the journey of humanity on a Universal scale, but is also our own personal spiritual journey. In the symbolism of the tarot, we begin our journey as the fool, everyman on the path of life which is folly;thus begins our journey to individuation or spiritual fulfillment.

The Winter Solstice is highly significant for those who revere the Goddess as this is also her time of rebirth as the sun behind the sun, the fiery arrow star Goddess of the Celts and identified as Isis.

The name we chose honours the ancient Lady Well which pierces the side of the Necropolis. Ancient wells were a portal to the Celtic Otherworld and places of Goddess spirit and healing . A Genius Loci or spirit of the sacred place, would be propitiated there. There was probably a 'clootie tree' there, whose branches would've been hung with pieces of cloth from the sick and destitute hoping that when the elements rotted the cloth away, their misfortune would disappear with it. A classic, ancient form of sympathetic magic practised at sacred wells all over Scotland.

We offer up our thanks to those whose support has helped us achieve our dream; to the Wise women and men we've have met along our path, the ancient spirit of Glasgow and the Lady Well which gave us the key to finalising our dream. The alchemical romance of the Necropolis (anciently Dun Chattan) and the Lady Well will be explained in time, but come visit your ancient places of ancestral spirits for although they may have changed over the millennia since our ancestors venerated them, the land still sings her ancient song, the same song our ancestors heard.

Thanks to all who made a donation after my solstice ritual. We raised £40 for the which is quite amazing for a few hours enjoyment.Your kind donation will go to this very worthy cause.