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Isabel Stringer

Was at the Banishing Stress Workshop with Elaine last Sunday. Excellent workshop, I feel I can cope with my stress instead of making myself ill. BB Elaine. This workshop will help if you suffer from stress.

25/03/2011 19:58

Astarte's Temple

Margaret Aitken: Thank you Elaine for the wonderful magical night at the candle magic night it was pure MAGIC love and light to you and all that attended tonight. Thanks again.

01/03/2011 01:40


I've enjoyed reading your website, seeing the Lady Well pictures and feeling a connection... from where I live in Ladywell in London. Sending you all love and light from SE13.

09/01/2011 12:08


just wanted to say thank you for helping me every year when i buy my boyfriend his xmas gift xx

06/01/2011 18:17

Janet Gallagher

Crystallomancy Workshop.

Sorry for not adding my comments sooner. This was an amazing workshop. I had obtained a new Moonstone globe from Ladywell which looks like a miniature moon. This wonderful object came to life in my hands and is now a part of me.
This workshop works on a very deep level which links you and your crystal to the Angelic and Inner Realms. I am still benefitting from that Enchanted Evening.


06/01/2011 13:34

Isabel Stringer

I want to say a big thank you to all the staff at Ladywell and 23 Enigma, everyone is friendly and helpful. I am looking forward to the Workshops in 2011, seeing old friends and making new ones. If you have the chance to go to the Crystallomancy Workshop, please go this is an excellent and enlightening workshop.

01/01/2011 23:12


Astarte's Temple Magical Aromatherapy.

Thought the massges were fantastic Elaine. I had the facial today, FABULOUS, back next week for the aromatherapy massage of course. Can't miss it but everyone should try something new.

Margaret McKinnon

24/11/2010 17:29


l love to browse in your shop with nice peacefulL music and a friendly face, I always go on my way, calm, cool and collected.mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


14/11/2010 12:18

Lilith Smitesu

Ladywell and 23 Enigma makes the trip to Glasgow worth while both fantastic shops full of nice things and good advice and a warm welcome.

Lilith Smitesu

10/11/2010 23:28

Isabel Stringer

The crystallomancy workshop was excellent, I got my rainbow obsidian for my birthday and this workshop came at the right time for me. Many thanks to Samantha who as always has a wealth of information.

07/11/2010 22:57

Elaine Hindle

Samantha's crystallomancy class was wonderful. I now have a crystal ball all charged and ready to go. It now feels a part of me and I look forward to scrying with it. This class is really in depth and uses Enochian or Angelical chants to connect you with the divine. It was an amazing journey of discovery into ancient magical techniques. I look forward to more classes in the future.

04/11/2010 00:49

Crystallomancy evening.

An interesting and authentic scrying experience. After building up enough psychic energy through a variety of continuous lightbody exercises over the two hours, we were shown how to bring our crystal ball to life and connect with it.

I was given enough information and techniques to go home and practise on my own. Most books only scratch the surface.

A thorough and intense psychic workout:Not for the fainthearted.


26/10/2010 20:56


Just had to write to say how wonderful I feel because I bought from "Ladywell" the most wonderful and beautiful clear quartz point - words cannot describe this "beauty" - she is astoundingly and mysteriously beautiful. Thank you Samantha for making my day extra special and having "another story" to tell!!
I will attempt to upload her pic. to my website. Keep looking!

17/10/2010 16:54

Kathy Rowan-Drewitt

Really enjoyed my visit to Ladywell, the atmosphere and energy of place just blew me away!

It was a real pleasure to meet like minded friends at my Spiritual Astrology workshop on the Saturday night and then to work in more depth with some of you on the Sunday!

Thank you to everyone that made it possible, looking forward to coming back soon. Love and bright blessings to you all, Kathy xx

17/10/2010 15:49

elaine Hindle

Was at Fiona MacLaren's sound Journey at Ladywell tonight it was amazing I was transported to another world and the sound of the gong is fantastic.So thanks Fiona for a wonderful night.

17/10/2010 01:57


Just wanted to share with everyone my wonderful collection of crystals - thanks to Ladwell as they contributed to a few of my collection - The best shop around for Crystals for sure!! Check out the above website -
Seriously saving for one more very special piece - can't tell you at the moment - but definately using "The Law of Attraction" - it will come my way one -day! If you're at all intuitive you'll know which crystal I am thinking about - as long as it stays in the shop long enough for my pennies to roll in!!!
Brightest blessings
Krystina (aka Krysta)

10/10/2010 15:31


I have bought quite a few crystals from Ladywell and 23 Enigma over the last couple of years. I would like to share with everyone how delighted I am with everything that has come home with me and is now part of my crystal family. Today I bought the most wonderful quartz Angel, you may have seen her in the shop; spotted it before but daren't hold her until today and she now has pride of place in my "crystal sanctum". And, thanks for the Nevada Quartz Geodes (a pair) that I am going to give one half to my mother for her 90th birthday and the other will stay with myself - wonderful - totally delighted and my Crystal Blessings and Light to everyonel! )O( K.

10/10/2010 15:22

Isabel Stringer

I was so fortunate to be part of the workshop with Kathy Rowan Drewitt. I enjoyed both days with Kathy, and got to be with good friends also on the Sunday workshop. I enjoyed both the past life and archangel meditations, both very enlightening.

Many thanks and blessings Kathy, and I hope this is not the last time we see you.

02/10/2010 19:49

Elaine Hindle

From Kathy Rowan Drewitt
it was an absolute delight spending the day with such a warm and enthusiastic group! Hope to see you again soon xxx

30/09/2010 00:17

Elaine Hindle

Kathy Rowan-Drewitt's workshop on Sunday was amazing. The amount of information that she gave about the Qabalah was both soul searching and enlightening.
Both journeys, the past life regression and the Angel pathworking were wonderful. I cannot praise this woman enough, she is so knowledgeable about Astrology and I do hope she will be back to hold more talks and workshops in the future. Thanks Kathy for a wonderful day.

Elaine of Astarte's Temple

27/09/2010 17:09


'Peter's Himalayan Singing Bowls reach the parts you can't reach on your own'!

04/08/2010 01:02

Peter Halley

It was real a pleasure to be well received by such an open audience for my singing bowl concert. All questions fielded were well thought and very apt, I do hope that my answers were equally informative.
I'm very much looking forward to my next visit to Ladywell and do keep an eye out for the one day workshops.
A big thank you to all that helped organise the event and especially to those that attended and made it the wonderful experience that it was.

See you all soon


30/07/2010 12:55

Simone Moir

Loved Peter's singing bowls concert on Friday, and wow what a feeling it was to have a huge singing bowl on my head and have it sound - quite something! Got his CD, love it and have done my Yoga practise with it this morning, a wonderful tool for body, mind and soul.

Thank you for facilitating this inspirational event. I look forward to a 1-2-1 sound bath with Peter when he starts up at the Ladywell.


24/07/2010 22:28

Through the Door of the Solstice - Ritual Pathworking.

just to let you know that after the journey that you took us on on the Summer Solstice, I have discovered a very interesting past life. Thank you for a wonderful journey, it was a very enjoyable experience and I hope there will be more in the future
Thanks Samantha.

From Elaine of Astarte's Temple.

11/07/2010 21:06

Thormod Morrisson

Great new premises. Stylish and peaceful and a stone's throw (literally) from 23 Enigma. The best of both worlds.

08/07/2010 23:33