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20/10/2011 20:41


I really enjoyed Pauline Wilkie's book launch last month. Attuning with crystals was new to me and as I had really started a crystal therapy course I was drawn to attend Pauline's talk. I had three very interesting 'attunements' on the evening, especially with the crystal's nature spirit whilst meditating on rose quartz. Look forward to attending another evening or course shortly. Would also like to mention how welcoming and knowledgable Samantha has been on each of my visits to the shop, see you soon, David

17/10/2011 17:20

maggie McKinnon

Was at the book launch of Pauline Wilkie's book on crystal healing. We used three different crystals; clear quartz, rose quartz and turquoise and I had visions with the crystals. Had lots of fun, took my 12 year old daughter with me and she loved the idea of getting feelings and visions, she was so happy with one crystal in particular, she hasn't stopped talking about it.

10/10/2011 12:34

Maggie McKinnon

Recently went to the Power Angels talk by Kathy Rowan Drewitt and got lots of lovely visions of Sandalphon and Michael. Lovely sensations of protection and feeling loved, learned lots of things to do with the angels and hope she does more.

10/10/2011 12:25

Jean Adams

I attended my first psychic development class last night at Ladywell and thoroughly enjoyed it, cant wait until the next one. Thanks for a great evening everyone was very welcoming.

06/10/2011 11:26

Isabel Stringer

I went to the Book Launch of Crystal Messages with Pauline Wilkie. Amazing evening, got to work with two of my favourite crystals. Pauline was excellent and her knowledge of crystals is second to none. Hopefully Pauline will be back at Ladywell soon for Crystal Workshops.

03/10/2011 13:46

Isabel Stringer

Had great afternoon on Saturday, I had my first meditation in the Power Pyramid. Absolutely amazing, would recommend it to anyone. I also got to meditate for the first time with a Crystal Skull. Thanks Samantha, couldn't have had a better birthday treat.

03/10/2011 13:43

Janet Gallagher

David I look forward to your next visit. Thank you and for everyone at your talk. The Energy was amazing.

21/09/2011 13:07

Janet Gallagher

Light Grid Healing.
Thank you David for an amazing and enlightening evening.
I was very fortunate to be the subject of David's Light Grid Healing, I was in need of some healing, and the experience is, I think still working. I was aware from the beginning of the healing that something very special was taking place.
I felt that I was in a round room with a very high ceiling, lots of energy and light, the light came in waves and in orbs, lots of white and purple. I was aware of David working at my feet, yet a small very cool hand was stroking my face !

21/09/2011 13:05

Isabel Stringer

The Light Grid Healing was excellent, thank you to David for an amazing experience.

Isabel Stringer

19/09/2011 18:35

Isabel Stringer

Many thanks to Kathy for the Power Angels talk, another excellent talk. Can't wait until the next one.

Isabel Stringer

19/09/2011 18:33

elaine Hindle

David Rabone

A special thanks to all who attended the Light Grids healing intro evening. I felt really honoured to share the energy with you tonight.. David x

It was a very interesting night and I got a lot out of the healing and was able to connect to the earth and the source. Thank you very much for the lovely evening.

Elaine Hindle

Thank you David for incredibly 'visual' and visceral experience which took us on a journey beyond healing.


18/09/2011 23:34

Janet Gallagher

Thank you Kathy for a wonderful talk on Power Angels and for the very powerful meditation. It was a Magical night. Looking forward to seeing you in November.

16/09/2011 21:35

Janet Gallagher aka as Kara

Pyramid Experience.
I have been fortunate in using this wonderful space twice. The first time I was in need of some healing and also some guidance. Before I began I asked out loud for both of these things.I lay down and felt very calm and at peace. I went into a deep meditation and ende up curled up , like a child in the womb. The time just disappeared. I felt energised and received the healing I asked for, I also received the answer to my question 10 minutes after I came out. How is that for service !!
The next time I used it, I noticed the crystal move from side to side as i was underneath it, then circled anti clock wise and clockwise. Again the meditation was very deep, it felt this time like i was suspended in space, as if there was another pyramid underneath me. I Felt very energised and can't wait to try it again.

16/09/2011 21:30

Elaine Hindle

Just to thank both Kathy and Kevin Rowan Drewitt both for the very enjoyable weekend I had at Ladywell. Kathy's talk was very interesting and gave a lot of food for thought.

Kevin's Rune workshop was wonderful and I loved making my runes.You both have a wealth of knowledge to share and anyone thinking about coming to their classes will find them not only informative but fun as well. I look forward to them coming back in the near future.

Elaine of Astarte's Temple

13/09/2011 01:26

Power Pyramid Meditation

Just to thank you Samantha for the use of the pyramid, it was an amazing experience. When I first entered it, the pendulum began to align itself then stopped. I became warm then cold as the energy was working on me and had a feeling of calmness. I could also see lots of cerise pink and went on a journey which left me with a message which no doubt will come to light in the future.
I had been feeling a bit low for a few days but after being in the pyramid I felt really energised and a lot better. When I left the pyramid the pendulum began to swing again as it realigned itself. The whole experience was amazing and I completely lost track of time, wonderful, thank you again.

Elaine of Astarte's Temple

08/09/2011 12:06


Thanks Elaine

Your candle magic class last month was great fun for me and my son, he had results within 48 hours, I waited until the full moon in July but have had great results to the candle I prepared in the shop and the ones I did at home.

Thank you, love and light.


20/07/2011 18:56


Kara, I had a reading with you the other day, my first of many, I came wanting to know about certain things in my future, and you gave me a wonderful reading that gave me hope, you didnt really tell me what I wanted to know about,and that is what made the reading so "spot on" you told me what I NEEDED to know, you were the first person to see who I am, Angela, Wiseone here to do a job for Spirit.Thank you very much, I feel so much better about where Im going. See you in 6 months.

Angela, Seichem&Reiki Master/Teacher.

29/06/2011 19:30

Janet Gallagher

Thank you Christer.
I had a wonderful evening. The power was tangible, during the talk and even more so when we began our journey. This was enlightening and very powerful, and also as a group we all seemed to link up in our experiences. I look forward with anticipation to the next event. Hopefuly not too far away.

15/06/2011 13:11


Thank you to christer and my wolves. x

Elaine Docherty

08/06/2011 20:27

Elaine Hindle

I had the most wonderful experience at Christer's evening at Ladywell. The journeying was really powerful and things look good after I saw the most wonderful golden fountain overflowing into the room.
It will be great when you set up your Shamanic Group here at Ladywell as part of a network across Europe and I look forward to your return.
Thank you again for the great night. You have so much valuable knowledge to impart.

Elaine Hindle
Astarte's Temple

05/06/2011 08:25

Christer Ellingsen

Thanks all for a wonderful evening, i am looking forward to whatever comes next.

Christer Ellingsen

01/06/2011 06:22

Astarte's Temple

Elaine has always impressed me with her professionalism and the caring way she always gives her clients her all; I've seen her research her client's ailments in her own time over the past year, so I welcomed her offer of a treatment.

The experience of stepping into Astarte's Temple was so healing in the complete, holistic sense of the word. The massage immediately relieved my RSI and muscle pain, and the spritual dimension of the treatment was very uplifting.

Massage is really underselling this therapy. If you're in pain like me or feeling low, this treatment with it's visualisation of your goal at the end can really help you.

Blessings Elaine


14/04/2011 17:19

elaine Hindle

Astarte's Temple
I would just like to thank everyone who have been coming to my workshops and classes and for all the lovely comments that you have been posting. I am glad that you are enjoying the talks and have found them useful. Thank you again for your support.

10/04/2011 23:26

Margaret MckInnon

Been to the stress relief workshop, took my 12yr old daughter. It was very relaxing and has given us a lot of ideas on how to relieve stress.

Daughter opened up a lot more with Elaine and really enjoyed the workshop, we are both doing the things suggested and find it's working. Possibly taking my eleven yr old if there is another.

Thanks again Elaine from both of us.

02/04/2011 18:29