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Melynda Flaherty

I was visiting from America and walked up to the Necropois (past the store). I was a recent widow and wanted the solitude to try and feel my loving husband. I spent hours but nothing. As I was walking back to town, I passed the shop and something drew me in. Fate aligned itself that day as I took a cancelled reading spot. I've never had a reading and was a huge skeptic but she was the real deal. She knew I was a widow without my opening my mouth. My husband DID talk through her as she knew things she could not possibly know. I have signed the petition and shared it as this shop deserves it's place in Glasgow. Should I return, I wish to see their smiling faces

27/04/2015 16:41


I attended the Angel Attunement event led by Kara at Ladywell on Friday....what a beautiful experience! It was a very moving and uplifting day and I would highly recommend this to everyone. Thank you Kara xx

28/09/2014 00:07

Lisa Treanor

I have driven past the shop(s) many a time & always really wanted to go in. On Saturday just there 21/02/2014 I visited both shops for the first time & I must say, I was not disappointed. I have been looking for a font for my new house for over a year now & on Saturday I found my perfect one in Ladywell! Beautiful bronze one with Our Lady standing above the little font! I am looking forward to returning to the shop tomorrow to buy her! I was working on Saturday & hadn't taken any money out with me, so I will be back on Tuesday 25/02/2014 can't wait! :D x

24/02/2014 16:20

susie crossan

Was privileged to be part of Kara's angel attunement day last Friday and found it to be a truly inspiring day. I look forward to the next one!

31/10/2013 21:40

Janet Gallagher

Yet another amazing night with Lesley and Andrew. This time we were journeying to past lives and what a healing and interesting experience this turned out to be. I can't wait until the next time. Blessings to both you are truly inspirational.

10/12/2012 00:16

Elaine Hindle

These are a few of the comments about Leslie and Andrew's Shamanic Evening on Wednesday;
Andrew Wilson: Another interesting night. Thanks for all the time and work you put into it. See you in February. x

Julie Lang: Also a big massive thank you to both of you and everyone else who came from me it was an amazing night! x x

Elaine Hindle It was a brilliant night, had some amazing experiences during the journeys and I can see a pattern of why I nearly drowned and hopefully this will end with me.

Chantal Ganpatt: This was another amazing experience. Thank you both for everything.

Vamparria Aurora: Fab fab and fab again, still do not know what my lesson was / is but one thing I did notice today, one door that I asked to be closed was much to my surprise. Hope the door to love and happiness opens soon. Thanks so much for a lovely evening x

06/12/2012 23:30


It is not very often that something happens that changes your life, but just over a month ago I had an experience which did and for the better.
I attended a Shamanic evening with Lesley and Andrew. During a journey, I died, went back to Mother Earth and was born anew. It was an intense and not too pleasant an experience at times. However since then I feel like a new woman, have a new energy and way of looking at things with a fresh eye. Thank you both very much, xxx

05/10/2012 23:05

Elaine Hindle

Leslie and Andrew's shamanic night Learning to fly was absolutely wonderful. The journeys I took were amazing and I have been given a lot of useful information so can't thank them enough, I now have an arctic fox, a horse and pegasus to add to my power animals. I would highly recommend these evenings.

04/10/2012 00:25

susie crossan

Had a wonderful afternoon at the Sacred sounds workshop on Friday. Kara is a truly inspiring individual and I feel "awake" after a number of years. Will definately try to come to her Angel attunement day.


23/09/2012 20:57

Janet Gallagher

This is just to say thank you to Liz. I had a wonderful Theta Healing experience with her on Saturday. I feel lighter and energised. I would highly reccomened a visit to Liz, she is a very calm and serene person and you will leave her feeling uplifted.

14/08/2012 13:03

Astarte's Temple Candle Magic Evening

Paul Milner: Thank you very much for a very informative and enjoyable evening

Gill Kachina-Dancer Cowan
Big Thank You for the Candle Magick Evening tonite-thoroughly enjoyed it, And if there is any advanced ones in future count me in!!!!
Thanks again for a welcoming, enjoyable and lovely night

28/07/2012 01:25

Anne Doyle

Had a great night on Tuesday at Thomas' Spiritual & Psychic Development Class at the Ladywell Crystal and Healing centre.
Thank you Thomas.

Anne Doyle

24/07/2012 02:54

Elaine Hindle

Astarte's Candle Magic Evenings
Mark Rand Collins: You shouldn't miss this evening folks - I've been to it previously and its awesome! totally recommended!!

23/07/2012 00:10

Elaine Hindle

Astarte's Candle Magic Night
Comment from Mark Collins " It was a wonderful experience Elaine, thoroughly enjoyed every moment - you are an inspiration"
Comment from Helena Davidson" I really really did enjoy it Elaine, thanks so much"

28/06/2012 16:27

Mark and Helena

We came to the Candle work shop with Elaine and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it... we have learned alot from it and we have no doubt our spells will come to be - thank you Elaine you are truly Amazing :) love and light x

28/06/2012 10:55

Pyramid Meditation & Rejuvenation

Pyramid Meditation & Rejuvenation.

After being hit by a car whilst cycling I was left with damaged knee ligaments which were frustratingly taking a long time to heal. After an hour lying down and meditating in the pyramid I instantly felt a decrease in the discomfort I had been feeling and left with greater mobility in it than I had before I went in!
It is such a great space to focus your energy on where it needs to go in the body. I would also like to thank Samantha for all her help too. She is a font of knowledge and sharing her wisdom has allowed me to get the maximum benefit from each of my visits.

David Blair.

10/06/2012 12:54

Elaine Hindle

Hi would just like to thank Kara for the wonderful day I had at her Angel Attunement day. I could feel the angels all around us and it was a very moving and enpowering experience and I learned a lot. Looking forward to more classes in the future. Blessings
Elaine x

27/04/2012 22:27

Janet Gallagher

Shamanic Night with Lesley and Andrew .
A wonderful and inspiring night. So good to share with friends too.

24/04/2012 21:51

Elaine Hindle

A very big thank you to all who came and made tonight possible. To see the story reveal itself in such a way was an honour and we have made some new friends tonight and got the opportunity to see and reaffirm old friendships too. Ho!

Leslie and Andrew Marsh of the Spiral Heart Shamanic Healing Centre.

20/04/2012 01:34

Elaine Hindle

Comments on: Leslie and Andrew Marsh Shamanic Night - What Big Eyes You've Got.....

Hazel Borland: thank you to you & Andrew for an amazing night ... I now have a new totem animal to work with in my baby fox xxxx

Leslie Marsh: It was a beautiful and powerful evening with laughter and just a bit of shifting.

Elaine Hindle: It was a brilliant night so thanks to you both now I have a badger and a squirrel to add to my bear.

Krystal Raven: I had a great evening.

20/04/2012 01:29

Vasso Georgiadou

I've recently had a reading session with Thomas and it was an unforgettable experience. Not only because he held the pace beautifuly and made you feel comfortable and safe but because his predictions have already started to manifest in my life! I am very grateful to him for all his help and for channeling the psychic information so precisely and with such great sensitivity.

Thank you Thomas,

I'm very much looking forward to my next reading.


27/02/2012 12:18

Sandra Borland

I had a session under the copper pyramid on Thurs and I loved it! It felt like really pure energy and a really beautiful vibration,I have been feeling at one with the world and everything in it since!perfect!

Thank you,Sandra

20/01/2012 21:12

elaine Hindle

Krystina Valentine sent this message with a picture of the skulls on Facebook

Well what a surprise Samantha - I'm sure you recognise 2 of the skulls in the picture!!! My new obsidian was graciously received - thank you for guiding my husband in the right direction . X

Thanks Kristina that made me laugh, but I had nothing to do with your husband's choice of present for you; you just have a very attentive husband who obviously puts a lot of care onto his choice of gifts for you, lucky lady!

Let us know what the crystal skulls say???

28/12/2011 01:21

Janice Hamilton

Just wanted to say thanks to Kara for the Reiki Share on Sun - it was a lovely group of people and I think we received some lovely gentle healing courtesy of Kara - look forward to seeing everyone at the next Reiki Share.

29/11/2011 17:22


Thank you to Kara for an amazing Reiki Share last week. Wonderful healing energies shared for the higher good with the help of a truly gifted master. Don't miss the next one!!

24/10/2011 12:56